Is your company striving to address any of the following psychologically healthy workplace criterions? See below for best practices and the benefits a psychologically healthy workplace can bring to your organization.

Employee Involvement
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Work-Family-Life Balance
Employee Recognition
Employee Growth & Development
Health & Safety

Encouragement and opportunities for employees to be involved in:

  • Effective extended health and mental health benefits that include access to the services of registered psychologists.
  • Where appropriate, medical surveillance for employees exposed to hazardous substances or situations.
  • Injury prevention programs for both managers and the general work force (e.g., safety and security issues).
  • Opportunities for employee influence over the work environment (i.e. light, noise, air quality, temperature and ventilation, cleaning).
  • Opportunity for input through joint safety committees.
  • Promotion of employee’s health and wellness (e.g., healthy lifestyle programs, health screenings, easy access to EAP/EFAP).
  • Workplace safety training
  • Healthy lifestyle education (weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management)
  • Health Insurance, including mental health
  • Access to or subsidy for health. fitness and recreation facilities
  • Access to resources regarding issues such as: grief counseling, alcohol abuse programs mental health etc