Mauricio Aristizabal
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The works I am proposing to The Newcomer Artist Project belong to a series that I completed while waiting to obtain Permanent Resident status in Canada. They are altars to my heart. They document the different emotional processes that I went through while settling in Canada, learning to be in a relationship, and discovering what kind of person I could become as a result of my new circumstances. I used hearts as a subject matter because of the ancient notion that sentiments, valuor and love reside in the heart.

The inspiration came when my artist friend from Arizona, who is very interested in historical Aztec culture and its relationship with animals, which is not very different from Shamanism in other regions of the continent, wrote me an e-mail asking me why I had moved to Canada. His questions were: "What is your jaguar heart doing in the land of bears? Are you in love?". I was.