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How To Register

Online Registration

Please follow the link for online registration: Online Registration

Please email all presentation/poster abstracts to:

May the Delegates of each institution please email a list of expected attendance and include the following information for each individual:

Email Address:
Allergies/Special Requirements:
T-shirt size: XL(youth), S, M, L, XL
Meal Preference: Herbivore/Carnivore

Field Trips (First come, first serve):

1.Workshop: Microanalysis in Forensic Geology
2.Field trip to UNESCO World Heritage Site: Joggins Fossil Cliffs
3.Field trip to the Pope’s Harbour dyke
4.Field trip to Blue Beach near Hantsport, Nova Scotia
Please give a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice and we will try to meet your requests.

Attention to all giving oral presentation or poster

This will be a semi-formal event for ALL presenters. If uncertain about a presentation or poster please notify us by e-mail no later than October 1st.

Poster Dimensions (Max): 36”x48”

Length of Talk: 15 to 20 minutes, 5 additional minutes for questions.

Please bring a digital copy of your PowerPoint presentation to registration.

Abstract preferences: Abstracts must be a maximum of 350 words in the body of the abstract.
See here for reference on how abstracts should be done: AUGC Abstract Example

Format is important as all abstracts will be published in the journal Atlantic Geology.

Please follow-up on your abstract if no response is given within two work days. The deadline for these abstracts is October 1th, 2015.

Email Abstracts to:

Registration Fee

Early registration, fees, and abstracts for oral presentations and posters are due by October 1, 2015

Please email any questions that you have to: